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Damera bus privacy policy

Damera Bus Sales Canada Corp. takes our online guests’ privacy seriously. As you entrust us with personal information, we ensure its fair usage. There is transparency in the information we collect online, what we do with it, whom it is shared, etc. If our guests experience information misuse or discrepancies, we may solve the issue at our level or forward it to the concerned authority

General Visit

Online guests need not disclose their personal information (name, phone number, email) on a general visit or browsing https://dameracorp.com/.

What Personal Data do we collect?

Only when it is required to access information or materials to be downloaded from our website are our guests prompted to share information like (name, phone number, email, message). The online Contact Us form serves as the best example.

We process our guest’s identity and contact details under the applicable data protection laws and regulations. If you have questions regarding your personal data processing, please get in touch with us by post or email at sales@damerabus.ca or call 905-609-5083

What Technical Data do we collect?

When guests access https://dameracorp.com/., their web browser automatically transmits the b/m log data to our web server that gets captured in the log files:

  • Date of Visit
  • Time of Visit
  • Referral Website URL
  • IP Address
  • Retrieved File
  • Transmitted Data
  • Browser Version and Type
  • OS (operating system)
  • The Domain Name of the Internet Service Provider

The log data does not identify our guests. It is used for technical purposes like delivering the right content requested by guests, improving our website functionality, and maintaining availability.


Cookies and tracking pixels are part of our website’s functionality that gathers data regarding our guest’s use of https://dameracorp.com/. This data helps us tailor the website according to the guest’s needs. A cookie ID is generated that creates guest profiles and stores their visit pattern. In no way is the ID linked with the guest’s name or any other information like the email address already forwarded that reveals the guest’s identity. Cookies cannot run any program or spread any virus to the guest’s computer or phone. The information in the cookies allows us to simplify website navigation and correct its display. Every website has its cookies statement where guests can view the usage of the cookies for that particular website.

Sharing Personal Data with Third Party

We will share the information if necessary for processing our guest’s data or as required by law or regulation. We work with several service providers to deliver sound business. We ensure that appropriate measures are in place that prevents the misuse of guest or client data.

Links on Our Website

https://dameracorp.com/ has links to other websites which we do not influence or compel our guests or clients to comply or non-comply. The links help share information or accomplish a purpose. Social media websites serve as the best examples.

How Long is Your Personal Data Stored?

There is no set period for storing our client’s data. It can be kept for a long time or discarded straight away.

Personal Data Protection, Rectification, Limitation, Removal & Complaining Rights

At any time, you can request information about your personal data processing, accessing etc. You can request rectification or erasure of your data. You can object to or restrict or limit the processing of your data under certain circumstances. Please be advised that consent or contractual obligation is mandatory in some cases. Also, you can complain to us if you deem it necessary.