Electric Bus

Mobility Redefined

Technology, performance, comfort and many more…
All expectations change with 300 km range of Atak EV Bus and mobility is redefined.

level 4 automated technology

Level 4 Automated Technology


Day and night working capability

fully connected cloud capabilities

Fully connected cloud capabilities

100 electric motor

100% electric motor

Be The Change

Karsan is ready for the future today with its autonomous technology to overcome the consequences of increasing population, harmful gas emissions and human-induced errors in traffic.

Level 4 Automated

Safely navigates without human control, with road and environmental detection on defined routes

Safe Drive With Maximum Control

Autonomous e-ATAK handles the situations it encounters in traffic, following all traffic signs while driving on urban lines without a need for driver control. Autonomous e-ATAK’s high technology sensors continuously detects what is happening around. Motorcycles or pedestrians in blind spots are visible to Autonomous e-ATAK, providing maximum safety.