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Electric Bus

Mobility Redefined

Technology, performance, comfort and many more…
All expectations change with 300 km range of Atak EV Bus and mobility is redefined.

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Total length(5.8m)

Maximum Range (300km)

Maximum Range (210km)


Max passenger capacity(25)

original low floor

Original low-floor

quick and easy charging

Quick and easy charging


Quick and easy charging

  • Charges through the a socket in the front grille
  • Two types of AC/DC 44kWh batteries can be charged up to 80% capacity in 55 minutes with quick charger
Original low floor

Original low-floor

Low floor allows passengers to enter with a half step up, making stroller and wheelchair accessible

Powerful BMW Electric

Although e-JEST is battery powered, it is as powerful as diesel vehicles. This power is derived from a BMW 100% electric motor which ensures strong acceleration performance. e-JEST is always ready with its strong, quiet and efficient motor to conquer any city terrain. e-JEST’s efficient BMW motor generates high torque and reassures the driver in demanding situations

Unique and
Innovative Design

e-JEST respects and sustains the historical heritage of the city. Having a perfect look with its new age compact design, e-JEST is adapting to the texture of the city thanks to its small footprint. It increases the image of the city and becomes an iconic figure.

Jest Already In Service

Jest has been meeting public transportation needs in many countries since 2013. Having proved itself with more than 7,700 units on the road, Jest continues to improve city life as being preferred every day in different locations of the world.