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TS-30- Ready For The Road Ahead

Mobility Redefined

Technology, performance, comfort and many more…
All expectations change with 300 km range of Atak EV Bus and mobility is redefined.

6.7 liter engine

BMW 100% electric motor which ensures quiet and efficient acceleration

660 ft-lbs of torque @ 1600 rpm

250 hp of power

Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)

1 Inside view


The TS30 is equipped with Bendix® ESP® system, ESC, ABS, and ATC functions to experience a high level of stability and handling.

2 bus

Minimized maintenance cost

TS30 is designed to minimize repairs to get you back on the road quicker limiting coach down time. The tool-free concept enables technicians to access all main components in seconds boosting productivity. Daily pre-trip check items are next to each other located in the engine room to save time while the upgraded single ATS unit provides unmatched mechanical access.

Designed for great achievements

The TS30 is designed and manufactured with a stainless steel monocoque integral structure to ensure life expectancy of well over ten years. It attracts attention wherever it goes with its new design. With its accomplished mix of curves and edges it creates a dynamic look with unique character

High Efficiency Under All Conditions

The new TS30 is ready to serve you for many years. The Cummins engine stands out with low fuel consumption and environment-conscious performance. The 6.7 liter engine offers 660 ft-lbs of torque @ 1600 rpm, generating 250 hp of power, and provides a truly perfect driving experience.

Advanced Safety Systems

The most comfortable journeys begin with a safe driving experience. Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS ) allows the driver to hit the brakes suddenly yet without losing control. It prevents the locking of the brakes, and reduce the stopping distance. Doing so, it improves handling and enables safer driving experience even when sudden emergency braking is needed. Anti Slip Regulation (ASR) is developed to prevent loss of traction on the wheels. ASR system assists the driver to prevent skidding and thus allow the vehicle to start moving even under difficult road conditions. It also enhances driving safety on slippery surfaces, and prevents excessive wear of the tires.