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TS-35-Setting The Standard

Mobility Redefined

Technology, performance, comfort and many more…
All expectations change with 300 km range of Atak EV Bus and mobility is redefined.

8.9 liter engine

BMW 100% electric motor which ensures quiet and efficient acceleration

1,150 ft-lbs of torque @1,400 rpm

350 hp of power



Cockpit - Damera Bus


SAFETY - Damera Bus


6465 - Damera Bus


Aesthetic chrome lines combine with its muscular and powerful frame. In addition to its striking design, many of its internal features are designed to lower the TCO and offer convenience in terms of serving. Thanks to its front and rear 3-part mask, you can enjoy easy access to the items you need and perform numerous service- related tasks. The TS35 comes in many colors to meet your needs.



Wherever you go, go there in comfort. The cockpit area of the TS35 is designed to offer maximum comfort to the driver during long trips. Simply enjoy the cutting-edge technology in the form of an adjustable, ergonomic driver’s seat, lumbar support to reduce pressure on your back, right/left armrests, a sun shield that operates with a single button, and a weight-sensitive pneumatic suspension system. Driving a TS35 is even safer. Think about your safety on the road with the state-of-the-art driving technologies: LED Daytime Running Lights (DRL), fog lights, LED headlights and low voltage warning.

4654 - Damera Bus


In our opinion, the first requirement of a comfortable trip is safety. Thanks to its safety systems, the TS35 is an efficient assistant during your journeys. Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) allows the driver to hit the brakes suddenly without losing control. It prevents the brakes from locking up and reduces the stopping distance. In doing so, it improves handling and enables a safer driving experience, even when sudden braking is needed. Anti Slip Regulation (ASR) prevents the wheels from losing traction. The ASR system helps the driver to prevent skidding and thus allows the vehicle to start moving, even under difficult road conditions. It also enhances driving safety on slippery surfaces and prevents excessive tire wear.