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Raj Mahadeo
Co-Founder and President

Raj Mahadeo is an entrepreneur, a visionary, and an innovator at heart. He immigrated to Canada from Guyana at the tender age of 19 with a hope and vision of one day owning his own business. Coming with a background in heavy equipment mechanics, he became a certified 310T truck mechanic in 1998, graduating from Centennial College in Toronto, Ontario. He worked as a mechanic for over 5 years and then became a shop manager at a major truck dealership. In 2002, he started the Mississauga Bus Group of Companies as truck repair facility in Mississauga, starting out as a one man show. In 2005, his company transitioned into repairing buses, and quickly began expanding into the transit industry. Subsequently in 2009, the company became a certified Cummins dealership and began to grow exponentially. In 2015, Raj transitioned into the new business development side of the company, and has since signed two major international bus dealerships, and has traveled the world in pursuit of pioneering innovation within the bus and coach realm as President of the company. As a well respected veteran within the industry, he is now working towards the assembly of electric buses within the Canadian frontier. He looks forward to continuing growing the company as an emerging leader within the electric and hydrogen bus space, and is excited to keep bringing new ideas and technology to the transit and coach space.