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Electric Coach

56 seats.
Embrace the future of sustainable transportation with our Electric TS45e! 🌿 Zero-emission, efficient, and designed with cutting-edge technology, the TS45e ensures a smooth, eco-friendly journey for passengers and a cleaner footprint for the planet. 🌎💚

Diesel Coaches

35 (34+1) seats.
Compact yet powerful, the TS30 is designed for urban mobility and shorter routes without compromising on comfort and quality. Maneuver through cityscapes effortlessly with this agile and reliable model.

40+1 seats.
Experience versatility with the TS35 – a coach designed for flexibility and efficiency. Perfect for various applications, this model combines comfort with functionality, making it an ideal choice for diverse transportation needs.

56 seats.
The Diesel TS45 is a testament to power, performance, and reliability. Engineered for long-haul journeys, this model boasts robust features, exceptional fuel efficiency, and a commitment to passenger safety. Wherever the road takes you, the TS45 leads the way.

Selecting TEMSA buses presents numerous advantages, establishing them as a preferred choice in the transportation industry. Engineered for a competitive total cost of ownership, TEMSA buses balance initial investment considerations with long-term savings in fuel efficiency, reliability, and reduced maintenance costs. With a renowned reputation for crafting durable and reliable buses, TEMSA ensures operators encounter fewer breakdowns, contributing to enhanced operational efficiency and minimized maintenance expenses.

Within the realm of modern transportation, TEMSA coaches stand out, integrating cutting-edge technology that ensures safety, efficiency, and a comfortable travel experience. The design innovations and features contribute to a fleet that is not only reliable but also prioritizes passenger well-being. With advanced safety features like modern braking systems, stability control, and comprehensive nighttime lighting, TEMSA buses are engineered with safety at the forefront of every journey.

TEMSA also prioritizes passenger comfort with ergonomic seating, spacious interiors, and climate control options. A positive and comfortable travel experience enhances customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Damera presents a diverse range of models in Canada, spanning from electric TS45e to TS diesel coaches, accommodating various passenger capacities from 56 seats to compact vehicles designed for 35 seats. This flexibility allows operators to choose a model that best suits their specific requirements.

Damera's After-Sales Support: we provide excellent after-sales service, ensuring that operators have the support they need, including parts supply. Maximize the benefits of investing in TEMSA buses with a reliable distributor. Feel free to contact Damera.

Exclusive Temsa Representative in Canada

Temsa is a leading coach manufacturer with over 35% market share in the United States and Canada.
The company, founded in 1968 and headquartered in Adana, Turkey, stands as a global leader in the manufacturing of transit buses and coaches. With decades of expertise, Temsa has exported around 75% of its production to over 66 countries, showcasing their commitment to delivering quality transportation solutions worldwide. Damera Corporation, the distinguished distributor of Temsa vehicles in Canada, has been at the forefront of revolutionizing the transit landscape. The collaboration between Temsa and Damera Corporation represents a synergy of innovation and distribution prowess. Damera's commitment to providing swift technical support, efficient warranty solutions, and readily available spare parts aligns seamlessly with Temsa's vision for excellence. Together, offering state-of-the-art and comfortable vehicles for long-distance travels and comprehensive support to transit agencies across the country.