Karsan eJEST

Positive Energy of the City



Powerful Electric Mini Bus

Unique and
innovative design

Total Length
230 in

Maximum Range
130 mi

Maximum Capacity
22 passengers

eJest adapts to the texture of the city
due to its small footprint

eJest can navigate narrow streets without difficulty due to its compact size.
It allows a transportation network expand and access every point in the city.

City of Saint John

The modern and minimalistic style of eJest
elevates the overall aesthetic of the city.

Best for suburban areas
of North America

eJest is a truly impressive high-tech vehicle, small yet powerful,
that retains full capacity even at off-peak hours

Try it on-demand

Lower cost - longer service hours

Passengers can schedule their bus

Available for lease

Charming Front Design

LED Headlights, Turn Signals, Fog and Daytime Running Lamps,
grooved front grille create a stylish design
detailed with sharp lines that leaves a lasting impression


Having a perfect look with its new age compact design, e-JEST is adapting to the texture of the city thanks to its small footprint. It increases the image of the city and becomes an iconic figure.

Rear Design

eJEST’s view from the rear is so extraordinary that future designs will be influenced by it

16” Aluminum Alloy Wheels

Modern 16” alloy wheels to unite durability and outlook

Heated Side Glasses
(Driver & Front right)

Better view in cold weather with heated side glasses

Digital Route Indicator

Digital route information mounted on the roof

Passenger Oriented

Next level of city transit

Original Low Floor

Getting in eJEST is as easy as walking on the straight road.
The low floor allows passengers to get in by just a half step.
Thanks to these advantages, parents with strollers
and the elder people get on and off eJEST easily.

Sliding Passenger Door

Modern look and easy entrance.

Great view

Panoramic windows offer eJest's passengers an impressive view of the city and its surroundings while they enjoy their ride.

Electric Roof Hatch

Nice and light interior

Front Looking Passenger Seats

Comfortable journeys with front looking passenger seats

Spacious Interior
with Wheelchair Traveling Area

Comfort and freedom of travel for all residents

wheelchair or stroller area

Comfortable ride for all the passengers

led lights

Pleasant atmosphere

Silent ride

Providing a quiet first class ride for its passengers and promising a more peaceful city life, eJEST greatly reduces noise pollution both in and around the mini bus.

4 Wheel Independent Suspension

Until eJEST, passenger and driver comfort has not been expected in public transport. With 4-wheel independent suspension, eJEST reduces road vibration and increases passenger comfort offering an automobile like comfort.

Internet Access Infrastructure

Internet connection is at your service with Wi-Fi router

Validator Preparation

Intelligent Public Transportation

USB Plugs

Charge your devices on board

Everything considered

for driver's comfort

Tiltable & Telescopic Electrohydraulic
Leather Steering Wheel

Heated Windows and Windshield

Bringing a new dimension to cockpit, eJEST makes driving more comfortable and convenient with its unique features including commanding seating position and broad visibility reducing driver fatigue.

10’’ Full Digital Cluster

Digital instrument cluster provides all vehicle information and warnings like charge status, remaining range and average consumption, for safe and easy operation. All you need to do is to enjoy a smooth ride

10.1” Multimedia Touchscreen

Everything is at the tip of your fingers thanks to the eJEST’s wide touchscreen, which is equipped with a radio/MP3 player, bluetooth and USB port for a more enjoyable journey. From this screen you can control air conditioning in the vehicle, select best routes with navigation, view rear camera and surveillance system for safe and easy driving experience

Keyless Start & Stop

Technological solutions which make life easier are incorporated into eJEST. It is so smart that it does not need a key. RFID Card is enough for it to wake up. To start eJEST, only touch the Start/Stop key after you insert the card. It’s that simple to start eJEST.

6 Way Adjustable
Pneumatic Driver Seat

Drive with the comfort of your home with arm rest

Driver Air Conditioner
passengers also have air conditioners

eJEST offers A/C as standard



BMW Battery Packs

BMW Li-Ion batteries and electric motor bring eJEST
to life with its safe proven real world experience.

Recharges for 55'

eJEST easily charges itself through the charging socket in the front grill. eJEST, which can be charged with two types of AC and DC, recharges battery for 2 hours*at night and 55 minutes* with quick charging during the day.

* For 44 kWh battery and up to 80% in ideal conditions. Charging socket location might be different on vehicles

* Battery warranty is limited to 4 years or 200.000 km (whichever finishes the first)

Regenerative Power

During braking, eJEST regenerates up to 25% of the kinetic energy and charges it’s batteries. This increases eJEST’s range.


by BMW

Although eJEST is battery powered, it is as powerful as diesel vehicles.
This power is derived from a BMW 100% electric motor which ensures strong acceleration performance.

135 kW
Max. Power
135 kW
Max. Power
290 Nm
Max. Torque
70 km/h
Max. Speed

eJEST is always ready with it's strong, quiet and efficient motor to conquer any city terrain


Thanks to the short turning radius
and superior climbing performance,
eJEST travels easily in narrow streets
and climbs up ramps while fully loaded

Comfortable Hill Start Even 25% Slope

Steep hills do not pose a challenge for eJEST. It’s efficient BMW motor generates high torque and reassures the driver in demanding situations. With its hill holder function, on steep hills it is as easy as going on the straight road.

mainline feeder

Ideal for small residential areas, narrow streets or like a shuttle during off-peak hours

Cataphoresis techniques
10 Years Anti-Corrosion Warranty

eJEST is produced with technology gained from Karsan’s 50+ years of manufacturing, including corrosion protection using cataphoresis techniques.

Designed to serve longer

In addition to being designed as a public transport vehicle, eJEST will withstand years of daily use with its strong monocoque chassis and composite plastic and aluminum body panels. With these standard features, eJEST will protect the user investment for the life of the vehicle.

Proven Technologies

In cooperation with BMW Karsan created reliable mini-bus, that uses BMW Li-lon batteries and BMW powerful electric motor.

Reduces Utility Costs

The decline triggers prices and reduces the profit margin of public transportation companies. Because eJEST is electric powered, it does not pollute nature and reduces the total utility costs by using a more economical resource. Fossil fuel reserves are decreasing gradually.

Capacity Utilization
19ft e-JEST |
22 Passanger Capacity
26ft Bus | 58 Passanger Capacity
Peak Hours
Off-Peak Hours
Peak Hours
Off-Peak Hours
Peak Hours
Off-Peak Hours
40ft  Bus | 105 Passanger Capacity

Zero Emission

Replacement of one 40-foot bus with
a Karsan eJEST will save about 80,000 kilograms of CO2 per year.

Greener Future

Municipalities are increasingly opting for electric transportation as it offers numerous benefits over traditional fossil fuel-based vehicles. Electric vehicles are environmentally friendly, emitting little to no harmful pollutants and reducing carbon emissions, which helps to combat climate change. They are also quieter and more efficient, requiring less maintenance and operating costs in the long run. Furthermore, the use of electric vehicles can help to reduce the dependence on foreign oil and enhance energy security. Overall, the adoption of electric transportation aligns with the goals of many municipalities to create more sustainable and livable cities.

Reduces Utility Costs

The decline triggers prices and reduces the profit margin of public transportation companies. Because eJEST is electric powered, it does not pollute nature and reduces the total utility costs by using a more economical resource. Fossil fuel reserves are decreasing gradually.

Human focused MINI Buses

Karsan logo

eJEST keeps
future generations healthier with Zero emissions

210 km,
22 passengers

Electric Motor


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