Electric bus pilot project in Saint John doubles ridership and saves money

Aug 25, 2023
CBC News
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Saint John Transit's test run of on-demand electric buses has been so successful, it's already started a second pilot in the Millidgeville area, said the city's senior manager of transit and fleet.

Kevin Loughery, a senior manager of transit and fleet for the City of Saint John, said the west side pilot is already proving to be a cost-saver and has doubled ridership numbers in the area since it was launched in January.

Essentially, the transit commission has replaced traditional 40-foot diesel buses with 20-foot electric buses and combined them with a new on-demand service within the pilot area.

While other communities have on-demand and electric buses, Loughery said Saint John is the first municipality in Canada to combine the two.

He said it just makes sense.

"Having the 40-foot travel around in a circle is not exactly the most economical way of doing it. With the 20-foot and an on-demand service, it can be stopped to wait for the next passenger."

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